A Big Day for Jeff Koons

It’s no secret that artist Jeff Koons likes his art big (see 2000’s gigantic chia puppy). Well, how about when art imitates life? Mr. Koons got the big star treatment this morning with a New York Times review of his Macy’s parade float and a Page Six item about the skirmish of recent sale of his sculpture, Heart. Neither, however, will hurt the reputation of Mr. Koons. Roberta Smith wrote of the large metallic bunny (a replica of the sculpture that made him famous): “Floating overhead yesterday, it was a jubilant reminder of the way contemporary artists dip in and out of mainstream life, effortlessly working high, low and in between.” As for Mr. Koons’ Heart, sources told Page Six that art collector Adam Lindemann flipped it for $23 million after convincing dealer Larry Gagosian to sell it to him for $4 million. The buyer? Mr. Gagosian. Oops!