A Democrat’s Advice for Spitzer: Learn From Sheldon Silver

So, what does Eliot Spitzer have to do to make the upcoming legislative year better than his first one?

Democratic Assemblyman Michael Benjamin of the Bronx, who has criticized Spitzer before, told me in an email that Spitzer has to listen to some of the more seasoned politicians in Albany.

“If he took more of Shelly’s advice he’d be better off,” Benjamin said. “None of us want an unsuccessful Democratic governor. Spitzer needs to take counsel from the old pros. Reformers need to accept that there’s no harm in listening to people like Shelly.”

Which would be quite a departure from how he approached the last legislative session.

Also, this topical footnote: When I asked Benjamin if I could use his comments on the record, he replied by writing, “On the record. Remember that email records are subject to subpoenas : )”

Spitzer is currently fighting subpoenas for his emails.