Adam and Bill Tour Iowa

New York Times editor-in-chief Bill Keller went to tour Iowa on Thursday and returned yesterday. On Monday, Times political reporter Adam Nagourney emailed Media Mob about the trip:

[Mr. Keller] attended campaign events with John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. (Giuliani and Obama were not out here, so hopefully next time). I also took him to some favorite Des Moines restaurants (lucca!) and introduced him to some of my favorite Iowa people (including the legendary David Yepsen). We met up with a bunch of candidate reporters, including Jeff Zeleny, Michael Luo, Patrick Healy and Christine Hauser.

We spent a lot of time in a car, as anyone who has been here can attest to.

I did not get a speeding ticket.

Heading out now for a house meeting with Joe Biden and a speech by John McCain at the "Growing the BioEconomy" conference in Ames.

How cool is that?

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