Ashman to Ashes: Kooky Club Chick Ivy Supersonic Hurls Poop at Plumm’s Proprietor

Party promoter Ivy Supersonic says club owner Noel Ashman owes her $1,000 for work on a Oct. 27 Halloween bash at his venue Plumm on 14th Street.

“He really messed with the wrong bitch,” said Ms. Supersonic, nee Silberstein, who claimed Mr. Ashman only gave her half a promised $2,000 fee for the event, which also celebrated her porn-star friend Gina Lynn’s new calendar. “He used my party to fill the place and then he says he needs to check the doorman’s counter and my list to see how many people came.”

In the days since the party, Ms. Supersonic has repeatedly spray-painted the message “We’ve closed our doors and we will reopen in 2008” on Plumm’s front door, and jammed four locks with Super Glue. Earlier this week she bought 200 crickets, which she hopes to set loose inside the club. She and her friend Kamal Ahmed of the Jerky Boys recently prank-called Mr. Ashman at 5 a.m. On Nov. 6. a doorman thwarted her attempt to put a bag of her dog’s poop in the club’s mailbox. “This isn’t over,” Ms. Supersonic said,

Reached for comment on Ivy’s poison, Mr. Ashman said that police reports have been filed, and “she’s about to get picked up.” “Every promoter we ever deal with we have paid,” he said, adding that Ms. Supersonic was paid for the guests she brought in, but wanted a bonus for her own attendance.

“If he tries to arrest me he’s going to have issues with very big people,” said Ms. Supersonic, who also designs hats and dabbles in motivational speaking. She pointed out that disputes among Mr. Ashman and his investors reportedly led to the demise of NA, the former venue at the site of Plumm, in which actor Chris Noth also has a stake. “He’s either going to have to pay us or we’re going to force him into bankruptcy, I’m not the kind of person who gives up. There is no giving up.”







Ashman to Ashes: Kooky Club Chick Ivy Supersonic Hurls Poop at Plumm’s Proprietor