Assemblyman: Hillary License Mess is Really Spitzer’s Fault

Assemblyman and Obama supporter Michael Benjamin, who criticized Hillary Clinton after last week’s debate for her much-derided answer on Eliot Spitzer’s immigrant-driver’s license plan, thinks Spitzer deserves even more of the blame.

That question came up and all the Democrats had to answer it. And unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton she wound up giving two answers, or a non-answer, and she was pressed to give a non-answer. And the case was evident when she had to give a new release the following day to clarify her misclarification.

Whose fault was it that she was in that situation?

If you want to espouse fault it would then be the governor for putting out this policy that many of us in the Democratic Party disagree with.

The governor’s people, meanwhile, are still trying to sell the plan. This morning, aides to Spitzer held an informational meeting in Brooklyn Borough Hall to discuss it.