At Apollo Circle Benefit, Guests Get Big-Screen Treatment

As young patrons of the Metropolitan Museum of Art arrived in black-tie attire for the Apollo Circle benefit dinner, which was held last Thursday, they didn’t even need to wait until the next day to peruse Patrick McMullan’s party pics to see everyone who was there. Images taken by the photographer were projected onto the walls of the museum, showing guests as they arrived. The large, cinema-sized photos provided most guests with their ideal introduction: “Hey, everybody! Guess who’s here? … Me!”, they seemed to shout.

If, like us, you were absent from the hoity-toity fete, check out Park Avenue Peerage’s photos of event chairs Tory Burch, Marina Rust Connor and Marjorie Gubelmann. Joining the fashionable host trio at the party were do-good socialites like Alexis Bryan, Byrdie Bell, Renee Rockefeller, Gigi Mortimer, Elizabeth Lindemann and Berry and Jane Bloomingdale.

Olympians [Park Ave. Peerage]