Belly Up! Old Hemingway Haunt Chumley’s Could Reopen by Spring

All of Chumley’s old furnishings and decorations—most notably the many photographs and framed book sleeves of the legendary authors who reputedly patronized the place, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and J.D. Salinger—remain in storage, awaiting the structural repairs.

“We will get it back together,” pledged Mr. Shlopak. “We’re also hopeful that negotiations will soon begin with the landlord for us to purchase the building.”

The landlord has been trying to unload the three-story Chumley’s building since long before its highly publicized collapse.

“There was a huge influx of calls when it first happened from a lot of bottom feeders looking to take advantage of what they thought was a distressed situation,” said James Nelson of Massey Knakal Realty Services, who is marketing the property. “But ownership wasn’t looking to fire-sale the property.”

Despite the disclosed “structural issues,” the landlord has not budged from her original $3.75 million asking price.

Mr. Shlopak declined to say how much he would be willing to pay for the property. He is currently seeking investors.

In the meantime, the bar owner has been doing his best to entertain the many tour groups that still stop by the famous nightspot’s ruins each week.

“We actually hand out fliers and pictures to them,” he said, “so at least they don’t go on their walking tours in vain.”

Belly Up! Old Hemingway Haunt Chumley’s Could Reopen by Spring