Bono on Bloomberg

bono at city hall333 Bono on BloombergU2 lead singer and good-international-causes advocate Bono just left a private meeting with Michael Bloomberg here at City Hall.

A crush of reporters accosted the sunglassed singer, who focused on Bloomberg’s philanthropic potential, and sidestepped the question of whether the billionaire would-be presidential candidate could affect more change in national office.

“He’s a great and gifted manager and I think, you know, he could do an awful lot of good inside, or outside the White House,” Bono said.

On Bloomberg’s charitable giving, Bono said, “What he will bring to philanthropy is he will demand results, same way he has in the city. If you’re going to spend some money, you want to see some results for that money.”

He later added, “The world’s poor would be very lucky to have him as an advocate.”

Also: “I think we’re going to end up working together. He’s a very–This is a man of high net worth who pledged to give his money away and who is auditioning the ideas of where that money can be well spent and will be very demanding of results. But what I’m interested in is not just his cash but his intellect and how his business acumen could be used to work for the world’s poor."

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