Charles Barron on Obama’s Black Credentials

barron on obama222 Charles Barron on Obamas Black CredentialsBarack Obama just picked up the endorsement of Councilman and outspoken black activist Charles Barron, who fended off questions that Obama represents a less militant, less aggressive form of black nationalism than Barron.

Barron, on the City Hall steps just now, told reporters:

“He came from the South Side of Chicago. That’s a black community where he took care and fought for black people on the South Side of Chicago. He’s introduced racial profiling legislation in the state of Illinois. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright believes in black liberation theology. He’s done a lot. He’s speaking about poverty now.”

When asked about the differences between Barron and Obama’s approaches to black nationalism, Barron replied:

“He said he supports the black community. He’s said he’s been black all his life. You said he’s against black nationalism. He never said that. Matter of fact, he goes to a black liberation theologist church where they believe in a black Christ. So, he is for black people."

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