Clinton Campaign Seeks Sympathy, Cash

The Clinton campaign continues with what it clearly regards as the winning theme of Hillary-as-mugging-victim after this week’s debate. Here’s a fund-raising letter just sent out to supporters by Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle:


If you saw the debate Tuesday night, or if you’ve seen the news coverage since, then you know that this campaign has entered a new phase.

On that stage in Philadelphia, we saw six against one. Candidates who had pledged the politics of hope practiced the politics of pile on instead. Her opponents tried a whole host of attacks on Hillary.

She is one strong woman. She came through it well. But Hillary’s going to need your help.

Her opponents, trying to boost their falling poll numbers, started attacking Hillary weeks ago on the stump. Now they’re doing it in the debates. And soon they’ll begin a barrage of negative TV ads and mailings in the early primary and caucus states.

But Hillary knows that voters want real change — not more negative attacks. And with just 60 days left before the Iowa caucuses, now is the time to show her that you are right there with her.

Will you help Hillary with your contribution today?


Clinton Campaign Seeks Sympathy, Cash