Clinton Supporter Says License Mess Is Hillary’s Fault, Not Eliot’s

Ruben Diaz, Jr., an Assemblyman from the Bronx, supports Hillary Clinton. He also opposes Eliot Spitzer’s latest driver’s license policy.

But when it comes to blaming someone for Clinton’s awkward answers during the debate on this issue, Diaz says Spitzer is catching a bad rap.

Diaz told me just now:

“Let’s not blame Spitzer for Hillary Clinton’s woes on the DMV issue. You got to blame who you need to blame, and that’s Hillary Clinton. She’s the one who wants to, you know, dilly dallied on the issue. She should have a position on this. She should have a definitive position on this issue. So, if somebody is taking shots at Hillary because she didn’t answer the question appropriately, that’s not Spitzer’s fault.”