Deborah Glick on (Hypothetical) Progressive Tax Increases

I just got off the phone with Manhattan-based Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a members of the Ways and Means Committee, about the possible need to raise taxes in the next budget. (Eliot Spitzer already backed off one such revenue-generating idea.)

Glick said she’s unsure if the state budget is in that much trouble, but indicated that if it’s determined that there is a need, raising taxes on the wealthier taxpayers would be her preferred option.

“I can’t envision, in this incoming budget, a significant raise in any taxes, although there is probably enough money in the top tier. We’ve tended to flatten out our tax structure and I would hope, as time goes on, to increase the progressivity of that, of our state tax structure. I don’t envision that happening, but I hope at some point, if there are serious needs in health care and infrastructure, that we wouldn’t be too afraid to address it appropriately.”