Departing Simon & Schuster C.E.O. Jack Romanos: My Successor Will Not 'Tear the Company Apart'

GalleyCat’s Ron Hogan has an interview with Jack Romanos today, in which the soon-to-be-former C.E.O. promises that Carolyn Reidy, who will replace Mr. Romanos at the helm come January, will not change all that much about the way the company is run in his absence.

Mr. Romanos praised Ms. Reidy’s “intimate knowledge” of the company–she has been there since 1992–and said, “You don’t want to bring somebody in who feels like she has to tear the company apart and put her own stamp on it… Carolyn knows how S&S works. She knows the people. She knows the financial expectations.”

At the same time, though, Mr. Romanos said the publishing industry should brace itself for big changes as digital publishing becomes more important.

“The single most important task for the CEO of any publishing company will be to develop and implement the strategy to take their company into the digital age,” he told GalleyCat. “The impact of digital publishing will be as profound as that of paperbacks in the 1940s and 1950s.”