Edwards Campaign to Make Hay of Hillary's NAFTA Answer

The Edwards campaign just announced a 1:30 conference call to discuss what it says was Hillary Clinton’s “dismissively ‘laughing off’ questions on NAFTA in last night’s debate.”

Last night, Joe Trippi, a senior aide to Edwards, previewed that argument to reporters.

“People have been crippled by NAFTA,” he said in the spin room last night after the debate. “Whole towns have been devastated by plants moving. And she had that moment when she just laughed–laughed it off and said I don’t remember anything about that except charts and figures. Well those are human beings and towns and a lot of them are in Iowa.”

He added, “Laughing it off, rolling your eyes and saying I don’t remember except for charts and figures and all that–I think that is really going to come back and hurt her.”