Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Clinton, NYER

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t come up with a satisfying answer on the driver’s license issue.

First Read thinks Michael Bloomberg sounds like a presidential candidate.

Women’s Wear Daily spots Bloomberg at a star-studded fund-raiser.

John Riley captures the Bloomberg campaign formula: I’m not a candidate, but…”

Liz says Bloomberg can kiss the Iowa vote good-bye.

In the comments section, NYER asks, “Does Rivera have a right to have a French or Japanese license?”

Also, commenter Bob Zuckerman claims he was the first voter in his district, at 11:40 a.m.

Greg Sargent questions Rudy Giuliani’s crime figures.

Barack Obama rejects Bill Clinton’s notion that Hillary was “swiftboated”

Phil Anderson gets more fun mail from Republicans who don’t like liberals.

Stephen Colbert and Nancy Pelosi share a moment together.

The MTA is looking to start alerting riders of travel delays via text message.

Aaron Naparstek hears something prophetic from The Ethicist.

Christine Quinn discussed the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Gawker’s take on the Bloomberg-for-higher-office storyline: “Should the Pope thing fall through, Sheeky has already begun development of plans to make his boss Emperor of France, Chancellor of the Intergalactic Republic, and owner of the Wall Street Journal.”

And pictured above is Council photographer William Alatriste’s photo of Quinn, Peter Vallone, Jr. and Lauren Bush discussing plastic bag recycling yesterday.

UPDATE: Andrew Kirtzman speaks with Bernie Kerik.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Clinton, NYER