Elsewhere: Giuliani, Spitzer, Bloomberg

The Economist writes, “Now that Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, has left the fold to become an independent, nobody else can boast such broad appeal.”

Sewell Chan hears people comparing Michael Bloomberg to Pope John XXIII.

As a possible presidential candidate, Bloomberg matches up on 70 percent of the issues with a local blogger in Illinois.

Rudy Giuliani is still using false numbers about cancer survival rates, say Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefeld.

What the hell political purpose was served for the Giuliani people by getting into a fight with Joe Biden, exactly?

Hillary Clinton’s chances of getting elected just dropped, says Newt Gingrich.

A former 9/11 Commissioner mostly supports Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s license plan.

In the comments section, headhunter remarks that Eliot Spitzer’s latest hires “are going to have their hands full.”

Jerry Skurnik wants to know how the Spitzer-like driver’s license plan is working in other states.

Jason Linkins of Huffington Post wraps up the Hillary Clinton-Eliot Sptizer storyline.

Eliot Spitzer’s newest employee, Bruce Gyory, helped prove that Joe Bruno’s use of state aircraft was in fact, for legislative business.

City officials are fighting against hate.

According to Tom DiNapoli, debt carried by local governments doubled between 1995 and 2005.

Erik Shilling says there was a low turnout at the Bronx congestion pricing hearing.

Jonathan Hicks is watching the Staten Island DA’s race.

Tom Wrobleski has the weather forecast for election day.

Gothamist has a wrap-up of news on Betsy Gotbaum’s daughter in law.

Here are excerpts from interview Tom Robbins wrote about which helped end a recent murder trial.

Ben notes that John Edwards is declared eligible for matching funds.

In New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg hired as his new district director a former AFL-CIO staffer.

The state of Rhode Island moved up its presidential primary to February 5.

And above is my video of Bono’s chat with reporters after meeting with Michael Bloomberg at City Hall this afternoon.

Elsewhere: Giuliani, Spitzer, Bloomberg