Gary Anthony Ramsay, aka "Dalton from the Upper East Side," Out at NY1

Gary Anthony Ramsay, a longtime reporter and weekend anchor for NY1, has left the station after it was revealed that he had called into one of the channel’s live shows and criticized a story while giving a false identity, the New York Daily News reported on Saturday.

According to the Daily News, on November 9, Mr. Ramsay phoned into The Call with John Schiumo and criticized the host’s handling of a segment on Bernard Kerik. Mr. Ramsay did so, said the paper, while identifying himself under the high-falutin’ moniker “Dalton, from the Upper East Side.”

Mr. Ramsay has since left the channel, and his bio has been removed from the NY1 web site. “I am continually apologetic for smudging that journalistic line, but I’m a human being, and I’m subject to the same frailties,” he told The New York Times, in a piece published today.