Halloween Hangover: Alexandra Richards’ Metal Moment; Roberto Cavalli’s Feathered Friend

Halloween comes but once a year, and it can seem like you’re writing about it for weeks afterward. With that in mind we burp up the following remainders from our All Hallow’s Eve treatbag. Don’t spoil your supper.

First up, we negledted to mention Alexandra Richards, daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and boyfriend of D.J. and Sneaker-preneur Nick Cohen, who spent the evening rocking out at Bella’s, the clubby lounge beneath Bar Martignetti dressed in a thong bodysuit over leopard-print tights and a black patent-leather belt

“The highlight of my evening, tonight, was being with my girlfriend,” she told us. “We got a little wasted in my bedroom and dressed up in a bunch of outfits and decided to come out as 80’s metalists, rockers, groupies!”

At the time she was kneeling on a red-leather banquette, nearly smothering said friend, a similarly-kitted-out young woman who called herself Elena Mercedes.

Exactly what kind of groupies they were didn’t matter much to Ms. Richards, whose dirty blonde hair was tussled around heavy black eyeliner.

“Any metalist groupie, yeah—Kiss, Metallica—we just wanted to go hardcore. My favorite memory of Halloween is right now. My best friend E.B. is performing with Blood Street right now,” she said, looking back at the band while starting to dance in character.


Meanwhile at Cipriani 42nd Street, Roberto and Eva Cavalli joined up with Giuseppe Cipriani to host a big Halloween bash, and Tinsley Mortimer arrived sans hubby Topper. No big surprise there. Ms. Mortimer told the Daily Transom that she decided to dress as an angel because her white Cavalli dress “had the little feathers.”

A few minutes after the ubiquitous socialite finished admitting to a New York mag reporter, dressed as a member of Daft Punk, that she feels a little poor after having recently purchased an apartment, Russell Simmons arrived with his leggy lady Porschla Coleman.

Sporting a Run-D.M.C. costume (black leather jacket, thick gold chain and feathered fedora), Mr. Simmons told us how he is able to maintain such a seemingly great relationship with his ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, from whom he filed for divorce in March of 2006.

“She’s one of my best friends—parents, partners. We have lots of businesses, including raising children,” he explained, before making a b-line for the party, Ms. Porschla in tow.

Other guests at the bash included Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict, Bethenny Frankel, Britanny Gastineau, Beverly Johnson, A.N.T.M.’s Caridee English, Jamie McCarthy, Candi McCarthy and Billy Herndon, Ice T and Coco, Chudney Ross, Eva Amurri, Eve, Jason Colodne, Bethany Frankel with an anonymous Naked Cowboy, Jeff Gordon, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Leighton Meester, Petra Nemcova, Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump, Jr.


Halloween Hangover: Alexandra Richards’ Metal Moment; Roberto Cavalli’s Feathered Friend