Hillary Clinton, Wes Clark and Christie Vilsack Talk About 'Tertiary Recovery' at Breakfast

Hillary Clinton, Wesley Clark and Christie Vilsack just sat down for what can best be called a performance breakfast this morning at the Drake diner in Des Moines.

After greeting a few locals eating in the booths, the trio sat at the counter for coffee and fruit cup in front of about a dozen cameras.

After some niceties (“Well, you still swim everyday,” Clinton said to Clark) the discussion took a sharp turn towards energy policy.

Clark talked about the “geology of bubbling carbon dioxide” and spoke about the ability to actually ship the gas between countries.

“How do you carry carbon dioxide?” asked Vilsack.

Clinton, picking bites of pinapple out of the fruit cup, explained the pumping technique involved in the shipping process.

“That’s what they call tertiary recovery,” Clark said.

The entire time they ignored the cameras clicking and rolling around them like practiced actors. When Clark mentioned a Dutch company that is doing work with wind, Clinton affected surprise. “That is so exciting,” she said.