Hillary’s Delegates in Queens (and the Bronx)

A Democratic source called last night with a few names being circulated by the Queens organization to be Hillary Clinton delegates.

This group is from the 7th congressional district, which covers parts of Queens and the Bronx, and it includes: Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, City Councilman Joel Rivera, his sister, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, East Elmhurst district leader Vita Brome and City Councilman Hiram Monserrate.

The inclusion of Monserrate is noteworthy for several reasons. These are petitions the Queens County Democratic Organization are circulating with approval from the Clinton campaign, and Monserrate has traditionally run outside (read: against) the local establishment.

But despite the fact that he attended a Barack Obama fund-raiser, and that he previously told the Daily News that Clinton’s Iraq vote was troubling, he appears to be resisting the urge to go against his party colleagues by actually endorsing Obama.

Anyone have any other names? Or any other observations about this bunch?

Hillary’s Delegates in Queens (and the Bronx)