I Know Why Jonathan Rhys-Myers Sings

So, just in time for Thanksgiving, which seems to attract movies about the kinds of New Yorkers who don’t gather ’round the table at Grandma’s for turkey and stuffing, comes the movie August Rush. Robin Williams and Keri Russell are there, and so is Jonathan Rhys Myers. And he sings.

Reuters sums up the New York-centric plot of August Rush thusly:

“August” adopts the structure of “Oliver Twist” whereby an orphan runs away to New York and falls in with a Fagin-like character. Instead of a gang of young thieves, the “Wizard” (Robin Williams, doing his best with a poorly written role) operates a team of young musicians who live in an abandoned theater and play for money on street corners. Evan (Highmore), whom he renames August Rush, is a child prodigy whose skills reward him with a prime spot in Washington Square.

It is in Washington Square 11 years ago where Evan was conceived. In flashback, a young Irish guitarist-singer, Louis (Rhys Meyers), encounters a shy, young cellist, Lyla (Russell), on a rooftop overlooking the square. The two spend the night only to be torn apart by circumstances. When the pregnant Lyla is hit by a car and gives birth prematurely, her father (William Sadler), mindful of her career, gives the infant up for adoption but tells his daughter that her baby died. Shattered, she loses interest in playing and relocates to Chicago, where she teaches music. Louis, too, gives up music, opting for a business career in San Francisco.

Listen to the song Myers does for the soundtrack here. Good idea about that business career in San Francisco.

I Know Why Jonathan Rhys-Myers Sings