Atlantic Party: The Beating Goes On

Five days later, and that 150th anniversary party The Atlantic threw for itself last week — the one where regular people were allowed to watch from the cheap seats while the real guests mingled on stage — is still getting made fun of.

Gawker called it “the social disaster of the season.”

New York magazine asked: “Can The Atlantic possibly believe that people, even readers, would want to watch journalists frolicking in their natural habitat?”

And one disenfranchised party-goer told Media Mob: “This is the strangest event I’ve ever been to.”

Today, Mickey Kaus can’t resist piling on. “Kudos to gravy-trainish Atlantic chairman David Bradley for giving an anniversary party so profoundly, self-damningly arrogant that it transcended its disastrousness to become a powerful parable of social equality!” writes Kaus, who wasn’t even there.

At what point does The Atlantic start regretting having thrown this thing in the first place?



Atlantic Party: The Beating Goes On