Hellooooo, Boys! Jessica Simpson’s U.S.O. Moment at J.F.K.

jessicasimpson Hellooooo, Boys! Jessica Simpsons U.S.O. Moment at J.F.K.

When Jessica Simpson landed at New York’s JFK airport on Friday night, seven National Guardsmen swarmed around the smiling star. Dressed in dessert-colored camo fatigues, the kitted-out soldiers rushed Ms. Simpson to her waiting Escalade. But! Despite the fact that all that public-funded protection seems totally warranted for such a national treasure, National Guard Major Angelo Agro said he’s currently “investigating” the matter.

That’s funny, because this morning at around 1 a.m., the Daily Transom was confronted by two National Guardsmen in Terminal 7 at JFK. The two mammoth men asked us whether a lonely, vacant Saturn parked outside the terminal was ours. When we told them we knew nothing about the car, they shrugged and wandered away.

Code Blonde—National Guard Rushes for Jessica [TMZ]