Hellooooo, Boys! Jessica Simpson’s U.S.O. Moment at J.F.K.

When Jessica Simpson landed at New York’s JFK airport on Friday night, seven National Guardsmen swarmed around the smiling star. Dressed in dessert-colored camo fatigues, the kitted-out soldiers rushed Ms. Simpson to her waiting Escalade. But! Despite the fact that all that public-funded protection seems totally warranted for such a national treasure, National Guard Major Angelo Agro said he’s currently “investigating” the matter.

That’s funny, because this morning at around 1 a.m., the Daily Transom was confronted by two National Guardsmen in Terminal 7 at JFK. The two mammoth men asked us whether a lonely, vacant Saturn parked outside the terminal was ours. When we told them we knew nothing about the car, they shrugged and wandered away.

Code Blonde—National Guard Rushes for Jessica [TMZ]