In Search of an Obama-Clinton Debate in Harlem

A group of organizers that wants to see a debate in Harlem between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made a unmissable showing with these t-shirts last night at Obama’s appearance at the Apollo. As one of the members, outspoken political activist and mayoral candidate Lenora Fulani told me, the group “wants to hear the distinction between [the two candidates], like where they stand on, not just particular issues, but the implementation of all the great things they’re planning to do.”

She added, “He’s obviously gotten the point that he can cut into some votes here and he needs to keep going.” I asked her what she thought convinced him he could do that and she replied, “I think we did.” She added, “I’d like to hear him talk more about Clintonism and how he feels about triangulation, which many people experienced as an effort to block the black community and the poor out of the Democratic Party.”