In the Observer: Carbonetti, Obama, Spitzer, Ripken

Jason Horowitz has a profile of Tony Carbonetti, Rudy Giuliani’s senior political adviser.

“I’m a different person than I was in City Hall,” Carbonetti told Horowitz. “I don’t have any self-doubt.”

Horowitz also finds out why Saturday Night Live keeps making Hillary Clinton, and not Barack Obama, the butt of their jokes.: he’s not funny. “It’s like he’s up against a steamroller and he’s done as well as he can,” one writer said. “What’s funny about that?”

I have a piece today about how some Democrats feel about Eliot Spitzer, who has gone from party champion to political liability. Richard Schaffer, the Democratic county chairman in Suffolk, told me Spitzer’s nonappearance there on Election Day yesterday was “not surprising,” and that if the governor did show up, “he would be standing by himself.”

Steve Kornacki says in order for Hillary Clinton to lose the nomination, she has to lose Iowa first.

Tom Scocca reports on Cal Ripken’s baseball diplomacy in China, and notes that his first press conference was closed to the press. Oh, those Beijing bureaucrats!

And Felix Gillette takes a look at CNN anchor Lou Dobbs.

In the Observer: Carbonetti, Obama, Spitzer, Ripken