New York Magazine Party: High-School Math, But Few Bold-Faced Names

Adam Moss stood with a glass in champagne in one corner, Look Book‘s Amy Larocca was in another, and social princess Ally Hilfiger was sitting on a plush couch catching up with old high school friends (“We took retarded math!” exclaimed one. “Like, we did decimals” she replied). But as for familiar editorial faces, there was only a handful last night at the Bowery Hotel, as Mr. Moss’ New York magazine celebrated its newly published Look Magazine with a party for fashion and advertising types.

New York publisher Lawrence Burstein, who went much of the night without a drink, and didn’t look to be having much fun, said that his magazine goes without any competition, but also said that he reads Vanity Fair, The Economist and The New York Times Magazine.

Lockhart Steele and Nick Denton were sitting at the bar as the free drinks came to an end around 8:30. Asked about the lack of familiar media faces, a New York spokeswoman said, “Well, we can’t invite everyone.”