Ivy Supersonic Update

Today brings an intriguing development in party promoter Ivy Supersonic’s public feud with Plumm owner Noel Ashman, who Ms. Supersonic claims still owes her $1,000 for her work on a Halloween bash at the 14th Street nightclub. In an apparent effort to scold Mr. Ashman, Ms. Supersonic admitted to jamming the club’s locks with Super Glue, spray-painting “We’ve closed our doors and will reopen in 2008” on its façade and taping leftover food on the building.

Her high-school antics went anything but unnoticed, and now the law is after the designer-cum-promoter. (Looks like Mr. Ashman chose not to heed Ms. Supersonic’s warning; she reportedly told the Transom that if the club owner tried to have her arrested, he’d “have issues with very big people.”) We spoke with the prankster today from her Manhattan home, where she is preparing for a pending colonoscopy. (“I can’t go to jail! I have to sit here and drink things and like stay by a toilet to hurl,” she told the Daily Transom.)

Ms. Supersonic went on to say that she thinks a man who is in cahoots with Mr. Ashman taped her incriminating conversation with him last week and then gave it to the police. She was in Connecticut over the weekend, when two undercover officers allegedly came by her building, but her doorman alerted her to their visit. When a policewoman finally reached Ms. Supersonic on her cell phone, she allegedly told the officer her side of the story.

“Noel owes me money,” she recalled telling the officer, referencing the shrink-wrapping job she did on the club for the October 27th party in question. (The celebration was thrown for Ms. Supersonic’s porn-star pal Gina Lynn.) “[Mr. Ashman] owes 15 people money. Noel knew I would be spray-painting his door and it was cool by him, that all he had to do was spend six bucks and fix his door. That he’s totally down for press. He can hardly get himself on Howard Stern”—Ms. Supersonic later said that she has been asked to phone into Mr. Stern’s radio show tomorrow, just before her 8 a.m. procedure begins—“He can barely get himself arrested; I mean, he’s like a Jewish guy who wraps a shmata around his waist,” she added.

After Ms. Supersonic made an appointment with the police to turn herself in today, Monday, a few officers returned to stake out her building over the weekend, she said.

Ms. Supersonic has hired New York attorney Jeffrey Schwartz, who was apparently able to push her surrender date to this coming Thursday. And according to his new client, Mr. Schwartz told her today that she may be brought up on felony charges. She also said that her lawyer bore the bad news that this nightmare could end up costing some $25,000.

“I don’t want to go to jail,” she screamed. “Pencils up my pussy—that’s not for me. All I did was empty out my refrigerator on Friday and glued my food to Noel’s door.”

As Ms. Supersonic tells it, she actually learned of the spray-paint prank from Mr. Ashman himself, who used to work at Studio 54. After he was fired by the iconic midtown nightspot, Ms. Supersonic alleged today, he spray painted a similar message on its doors and handed out fliers suggesting that partygoers head to another, open club.

“If this goes to court and they open his books, Noel is the one who’s going to jail,” Ms. Supersonic said.

Calls to Mr. Ashman for comment were not returned by the time of this posting. If and when we hear from him, we will post an update.

Ivy Supersonic Update