Jamie Burke’s Music Overshadowed by Enormous Seminude Billboard

Jamie Burke, the Calvin Klein underwear model and Johnny Depp look-a-like, said he has a good time showing of his photogenic protoplasm for the sake of fashion, but music is his passion.

Mr. Burke, who is rumored to be dating naughty model May Anderson (“I don’t want to talk about that”), told us last night at the Chopard party what it was like to see his body plastered on the side of a massive building on Houston Street. “It was mad! Very, very weird. I was shocked—very shocked. Yeah, it’s weird, because when you see yourself in a photo that big, like my nipples are this big,” he said, bringing his hands apart like he was holding the wheel of a car.

When he’s not posing for the camera, Mr. Burke said he passes the time singing for his band, Bloody Social. The underground rock group has just finished recording their new album, called Radio Maniacs. “It’s like nothing we’ve ever done before. It’s nice and rough; it’s cool,” he murmured in a Cockney accent of the record.

Despite being the face of a major ad campaign for Calvin Klein (and boasting a list of ex-girlfriends that includes Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Jessie Leonard), the British-born Mr. Burke purports to stay grounded.

“I’m still just doing my thing, like, trying to play music everyday,” he said.

Jamie Burke’s Music Overshadowed by Enormous Seminude Billboard