Kabbalah School Tied to Madonna, Dr. Atkins’ Death Goes for $9.3 M.

An East Side Kabbalah school has flipped a building for $9.3 million just three years after buying it for $5 million, property records show.

With the sale from the Research Centre of Kabbalah to a firm listed as Carvi Properties Inc., a new chapter is added to the history of the futuristic-looking building at 152 East 55th Street. According to a 2004 article in The New York Times, the six-story building was bought – in cash – by the Kabbalah Centre, with monetary assistance from pop singer Madonna via the Spirituality for Kids foundation, which she finances.

The seller at the time: An LLC that acted on behalf of the Atkins Center, the onetime home to the legendary diet creator, Dr. Robert Atkins. Atkins slipped and fell outside the building in 2003, according to the Times, ultimately dying from the accident.