Keira Knightley: Newspaper Writing ‘F–ks Me Off’!

To the odd outsider, Keira Knightley may appear to maintain a fairly constant cotton-candy disposition. But apparently that’s not the case…at all. In the December issue of Elle, Ms. Knightley, 22, explains that she is, in fact, “a moody bastard.” During the midst of an apparent rant, the Atonement star admitted that she’s been banned from reading newspapers, because the way they’re written makes her furious. “If I want an opinion, I’ll read the opinion part of the newspaper. I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f—ks me off. See, I have to calm down about it.” Whoa! F—ks me off?

Other things that have been banned from Ms. Knightley’s life: the word “cute” and answering her cell phone. “I hate them. It rings, and then I realize that I don’t want to talk to anyone. So I always press ignore.”

Keira Knightley: “I’m a Moody Bastard” [US]