L.A. Fires Leave Matt McConaughey Blazing, Chili Pepper Cold

mcconnaugheyflea L.A. Fires Leave Matt McConaughey Blazing, Chili Pepper Cold

The blazing fires continued over the weekend in Los Angeles, and the smoky details surrounding a recent Los Angeles Times story are slow to clear, according to US. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea texted a reporter from the paper over the weekend, allegedly telling him that his $10.5 million home had “burnt to a crisp.” Since then, however, the musician’s rep has called into KNX Newsradio in order to snuff the rumors. It was Flea’s other Malibu home, which was on the market for $4.8 million, that burned like bacon.

Nearby, the ever-sleepy Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend, model Camila Alves, were forced to ditch the actor’s $10 million Malibu home on Saturday. Asked by photographers what he was doing buying groceries in Beverly Hills in stead of in his own ‘hood, Mr. McConaughey told them: “The fires, man, the fires.” Not to fret, though, because the star of Fool’s Gold, which opens next February, is back at home, safe and sound, his rep told US.


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