L.A. Fires Leave Matt McConaughey Blazing, Chili Pepper Cold

The blazing fires continued over the weekend in Los Angeles, and the smoky details surrounding a recent Los Angeles Times story are slow to clear, according to US. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea texted a reporter from the paper over the weekend, allegedly telling him that his $10.5 million home had “burnt to a crisp.” Since then, however, the musician’s rep has called into KNX Newsradio in order to snuff the rumors. It was Flea’s other Malibu home, which was on the market for $4.8 million, that burned like bacon.

Nearby, the ever-sleepy Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend, model Camila Alves, were forced to ditch the actor’s $10 million Malibu home on Saturday. Asked by photographers what he was doing buying groceries in Beverly Hills in stead of in his own ‘hood, Mr. McConaughey told them: “The fires, man, the fires.” Not to fret, though, because the star of Fool’s Gold, which opens next February, is back at home, safe and sound, his rep told US.