Luke Burbank to Leave NPR’s New Morning Show

Less than two months after its official launch, NPR’s new morning talk show for young people, The Bryant Park Project, is losing one half of its on-air anchor tandem.

Jay Kernis, NPR’s senior vice president for programming, announced the surprising change in a memo sent to NPR staffers on Monday.

“A few weeks ago, Luke Burbank came to us and said that he wanted to move back home to Seattle to be with his 13-year-old daughter, since the separation had become too hard, and he asked to be released from his contract as host of The Bryant Park Project,” wrote Mr. Kernis. “While no one wants to lose a host so early in the life of a show, Luke has helped us build a strong foundation and we agreed to honor his request.”

According to the memo, December 14 will be Mr. Burbank’s last day. In the meantime, NPR will begin its search to find a second anchor to team up with remaining host, Alison Stewart.