MIT, Skanska Gang Up on Gehry

Lawsuits against architects must be as plentiful as plasterboard, but when the client is Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy and the architect is Frank Gehry, well, even the Boston Globe takes notice.

MIT is saying that “deficient design services and drawings” have led to leaks, cracks, mold and a $1.5 million reconstruction of the amphitheater at the Stata Center.

Most surprisingly, the construction contractor for the building, which was also sued, is publicly blaming the architect as well:

“This is not a construction issue, never has been,” said Paul Hewins, executive vice president and area general manager of Skanska USA. He said Gehry rejected Skanska’s formal request to create a design that included soft joints and a drainage system in the amphitheater, and “we were told to proceed with the original design.”