MSNBC's Scarborough: 'Don't Tell me CNN Didn't Know' About Debate Questioner's Hillary Ties

Via The Huffington Post, Joe Scarborough of MSBNC went after CNN this morning for allowing someone with ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign to pose a question at Wednesday’s GOP debate.

“Don’t tell me that CNN didn’t know” that the questioner — retired Brigadier General Keith Kerr, who asked about the issue of gays in the military — was associated with the Clinton campaign.

That’s a serious charge, and Mr. Scarborough later seemed to try to step back from it a bit, asserting that he thought Anderson Cooper, the debate’s moderator, as well as “a lot of people at CNN,” likely didn’t know.

It’d be interesting to know who at CNN Mr. Scarborough was referring to, then. We’ve put in a call to MSNBC, and will let you know what we hear.