Noel Ashman: Ivy Supersonic Has ‘A Lot of Problems’

We just heard from Plumm co-owner Noel Ashman, who called the Daily Transom back in order to respond to party promoter Ivy Supersonic’s most recent allegations, which can be found by clicking here.

According to Mr. Ashman, Plumm’s general manager notified the police after he discovered the vandalism. “That’s what he does when anyone vandalizes something of that nature.” Nobody recorded any phone conversations with her, he said; connecting the dots was up to the police.

During our earlier conversation with Ms. Supersonic, she also alleged that it’s well known that Mr. Ashman owes a lot of people money. She went even so far as to say that New York party photographer Patrick McMullan stopped hosting his Monday night parties at the watering hole near Union Square because he, like her, wasn’t adequately paid for his efforts. “That’s interesting,” Mr. Ashman said after hearing her argument. “[Mr. McMullan’s] actually hosting our anniversary party this Thursday, so that would make that a little difficult, right?” (To prove his point, Mr. Ashman e-mailed us an invitation to the party, which identifies Mr. McMullan as the event’s “special host.”)

So, just to clarify, does Mr. Ashman or Plumm owe Ms. Supersonic anything at all? “She’s out of her mind. Absolutely not. She had convinced our director to do this stupid little event that she did nothing at, and we paid her over what she was due. She basically came back and said, ‘I’m a huge celebrity and you should pay me because I showed up,’” he explained.

Finally, in response to Ms. Supersonic’s suggestion that she got the very idea to spray paint the club from Mr. Ashman (who allegedly pulled a similar prank when he was fired from Studio 54), he shot back. “This girl has a good imagination,” he said with a laugh. “I wasn’t fired! I was actually a partner in the business at Studio 54. They were in the midst of a lawsuit with Studio 54 in Las Vegas, so it became an untenable situation where I got bought out and left. No, I’ve never grafittied anybody, nor would I ever do that. I don’t know how that could be any more opposite of the truth.”

The one claim made by Ms. Supersonic that Mr. Ashman did corroborate was that she will likely be brought up on felony charges.

“I think she has a lot of problems,” he went on, “From what I’ve heard, this isn’t the only thing she’s gotten entangled with. She keeps digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole.”

Noel Ashman: Ivy Supersonic Has ‘A Lot of Problems’