On Facebook, Bloomberg Advisor Sheekey Leaves N.Y. for D.C.

If there was an award for loudest cheerleader encouraging Michael Bloomberg to run for president, it would unquestionably go to Kevin Sheekey, one of his political advisors, who keeps finding both big and small ways to suggest that the mayor will enter the race.

The latest: a subtle change to Sheekey’s profile on Facebook.

A reader who Sheekey ‘friended” on Facebook pointed out that Sheekey recently left the “New York” network and joined the one for “Washington D.C.” Technically, Sheekey hasn’t worked in the capitol since his days with Pat Moynihan.

Here are the changes he made to his profile:

Kevin and Tara L. Martin are now friends. 6:39am

Kevin and Charlie Allen are now friends. 6:20pm

Kevin joined the Washington, DC network. 10:02am

Kevin left the New York, NY network. 10:02am