Paris Hilton Releases a Big Smell

What’s that sweet odor, you ask? It’s the smell of Paris Hilton’s new fragrance, called “Can Can Paris Hilton,” which she unleashed yesterday at Macy’s in Garden City, New York. Wearing a bubblegum pink dress and a Mikimoto store worth of pearls, Ms. Hilton stood in front of a massive poster depicting a somewhat eerie likeness of the 26-year-old heiress. And apparently Ms. Hilton can’t can’t stick to the trail-mix-and-water lifestyle she touted, new-age spiritual advice books in hand, after she was released from prison last June. According to one eyewitness, Ms. Hilton “was up partying until 5AM on Monday and looked totally rested yesterday at the unveiling.”

Paris Hilton Launches Can Can [Hollyscoop]

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