Prescription for Spitzer: More Controversy

A columnist in the Staten Island Advice has some unusual advice for Eliot Spitzer on how to win over some critics, and show that he’s “still very much in charge” and a “passionate public servant”: Pardon the Borough President’s grandson, who recently was convicted of harassing someone and violating his parole.

“That’s why it’s time for Gov. Eliot Spitzer to get involved in this case and grant Molinaro a full pardon. Spitzer came to office in January with an ambitious agenda and a refreshing can-do attitude that generated tangible excitement among a broad spectrum of New Yorkers fed up with decades of business-as-usual in Albany.

“Following a series of bad missteps and even worse publicity, however, the promise evaporated so precipitously that some are already writing Spitzer off as a lame duck. Pardoning Molinaro would be a bold move by a governor still very much in charge, a confident, passionate public servant who, as a former prosecutor, recognized a manifest injustice and acted fearlessly to correct it.

“Sure he’d take a hit from the cynics, but so what? Smashing cynicism in the teeth is what propelled Spitzer to the executive mansion in the first place. Let it now become the impetus for freeing an innocent kid.”