Project Runway Gets Bitten With Sex and the City Branding Bug

Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress who is frequently confused soap-opera-fan-style with Carrie Bradshaw, the character she portrayed on HBO hit series Sex and the City, who was a writer and not a fashion designer anyway (and based on former Observer scribe Candace Bushnell, btw), has been rewarded for being the beneficiary of a fantastic wardrobe: she has her own fashion line! This we all already knew. But on Wednesday night, the Bravo network hurled the second episode of Project Runway into the abyss of Thanksgiving weekend noncoverage and rewarded that fashion line, Bitten, and its spokesproprietress, SJP, with a big old-fashioned plug. Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on the show and chose a design to be sold as part of her collection! We could link to several places that “picked up” this “story,” but we feel that it is more likely you will have trouble avoiding it than that you will have trouble finding it, so we will leave it there. Oh, several contestants on Project Runway wept, and the obese one cited Sex and the City as his reason for moving to New York. We suspected something like this accounted for the rise in cheap-chic outfits, midwestern accents and Cosmetinis in New York’s now-insufferable bar scene, but we sort of can’t picture teary-eyed contestant Chris straying too far from Pieces on Christopher Street.