Radiohead, Weezer Announce Album Release Dates

Pitchfork tells us that ATO Records Group will handle the North American (physical) release of Radiohead’s latest album, In Rainbows. “(Yes, this means Radiohead are officially on Dave Matthews’ record label, now.)” It’s due out January 1 in the states, one day after the UK release on XL.

Nerd-rockers Weezer will also put out an album on January 1. The band thatlet’s admit itpeaked (at least in our hearts, if not on the Billboard charts) in the 90’s with their Blue Album and Pinkerton, will release Album 6, according to thier Web Site.

Weezer’s bassist Scott Shriner wrote:

Album 6 is getting ready for mixing and I have never been so excited about a project in my life. Weezer fans truly have something to look forward to. The entire band has accomplished some of its most challenging goals as a group and as individuals. It’s all coming together on this album.

To sum it up, at the beginning of the recording each member asked himself “what do you want out of this session?” The answer lies ahead.

Whatever bassist dude, we still miss Matt Sharp. Just sayin’.

Radiohead, Weezer Announce Album Release Dates