Reaction to Election Day

Last night I emailed a few people to ask who the real winners and losers were from yesterday’s elections.

Here’s some of what they said.

Joseph Mercurio:”The losers are the people who complicated an election where Democrats would have continued to pick up seats throughout the state by aggressively pushing a new plan for driver licenses that could have been announced Wednesday for the first time. The winners will be the Democrats who took strong positions and won anyway.”

Jerry Skurnik: “Overall there certainly wasn’t the big Republican surge somebody thought would happen because of troopergate and the driver’s license issue but the Dems did not continue to make gains as they did the last few years.”

Evan Stavisky: “We [his firm, Parkside Group] defeated the 12-year incumbent District Attorney of Rockland County (who, earlier this year finished up his term as President of the NYS District Attorneys Association).”

Your thoughts?

Reaction to Election Day