Remains of the Day: Coppola, Rob Long, Lipton

  • Here are 17 ways to get free books. Now, get a job.
  • Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular gets a make-over with pyrotechnics, leggier legs, and a double-decker bus. More spectacular spectacularness!
  • According to Page Six, Francis Ford Coppola has no love for his Godfather series and considers his five best films to be Apocalypse Now, Rumble Fish, The Rain People, his upcoming Youth Without Youth and, The Conversation.
  • In today’s Wall Street Journal, WGA member Rob Long (who produced Emmy-nominated episodes of Cheers and several other failed TV comedies) boils the current state of television down to one line: Out with the pricey scripted, in with the el cheapo reality.
  • Gawker makes a pie chart explaining what makes Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton so irritating. We think he has passed irritablity and now we tolerate him as a charming uncle figure.
Remains of the Day: Coppola, Rob Long, Lipton