Riverdale’s Hype

Halstead Property has a report out that says that Riverdale’s average sales price per foot is $596, lower than that of Harlem, Park Slope or Williamsburg. The brokerage–the first of the big Manhattan firms to open an office in the northwestern Bronx enclave–stresses the “unparalleled value”, “safe neighborhoods” and “sprawling parks” of Riverdale.

But what would bargain hunters actually be getting when they make the trek out to Riverdale?

Isolated from all subway lines but the 1, the “quick metro swipe to midtown” may actually take longer than Halstead’s description. And the “natural beauty and close-knit community of Riverdale” also goes by another name: suburbia. Will New Yorkers really want to have to drive to the supermarket? Is all that extra space really worth it for the price if you live in Westchester Lite?

Maybe. We looked at Halstead’s latest listings for Riverdale–not bad compared to, well, Harlem, Park Slope or Williamsburg.