Schnabel in the City to Promote Fashion World's My Left Foot

Artist Julian Schnabel believes he has a winner with The Diving Bell and the Buttefly, his film adaptation of Jean-Dominique Bauby’s Le Scaphandre et papillon, the memoir written by the famed French Elle editor after a stroke left him entirely paralyzed. (He wrote the book by communicating with his eyes. It’s the fashion world’s My Left Foot!) And after winning the director’s award at Cannes, he’s now ready to take on New York.

After the film’s local premiere last week, Mr. Schnabel told the audience that this was the most press he had ever done for a film. He then proceeded to read a lengthy poem written to him by his father before his death. Why? “I read this poem to Kathy [Kennedy, producer of Diving Bell] and she decided to give me the job.” And the fun doesn’t stop there! According to Indiewire’s Eugene Hernandez, Mr. Schabel will be at the BAM on Monday to support Javier Bardem’s turn in the No Country for Old Men, another film distributed by Miramax, and on Wednesday, he’ll be showing the film at the Apple Store in Soho with buddy Lou Reed. Shoppers beware.