Sitt ‘Disappointed’ by Bloomberg’s Coney Island Vision

Joe Sitt’s PR rep sent us the developer’s reaction to the Bloomberg administration’s proposal to acquire his Coney Island properties. Notably, Mr. Sitt does not say that he will resist the efforts, or that he wants to continue to pursue the amusement park (plus hotel plus shopping center) he was hoping to build there:

We’re disappointed by the Mayor’s presentation, but are optimistic that a deal can be reached between the city, the landowners and the community to make Coney Island an even greater place to live and visit. We will continue to work with the Bloomberg Administration, Councilman Recchia, Speaker Quinn, our Albany representatives and local leaders to do what’s best for the people of Coney

Meanwhile, City Hall spokesman John Gallagher gives a little bit more rationale for the Mayor’s move today:

Sitt wants to build housing. We want to create a world-class, publicly accessible, permanent amusement area. We are proposing to map the amusement area as parkland and we then want to buy his land or trade with him adjacent land – land that makes more sense for housing.