STATE ASSEMBLY: Democrats hold control, 48-32; GOP picks up at 2 seats

Republicans picked up Assembly seats in Districts 2, 8 and 12, and lost one in District 14. Only one Assembly incumbent, Michael Panter, was defeated for re-election.

District 1: Democratic Assemblyman Nicholas Albano was re-elected, and Democrat Matthew Milam won Van Drew's open seat.

District 2: Republican Assembly candidates, John Amodeo and Vincent Polistina, appear to have defeated Democrats Joe Wilkins and Blondell Spellman.

District 8: Republicans Dawn Addiego and Scott Rudder defeated Democrats Tracy Riley and Chris Fifis.

District 11: Republicans David Ribble and Mary Pat Angelini defeated Democrats John Napolitani and John Pirnat.

District 12: Republicans Declan O'Scanlon and Caroline Casagrande defeated Democratic Assemblyman Michael Panter and his running mate, Amy Mallett.

District 14: Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein and her running mate, Wayne DeAngelo, defeated Republicans Tom Goodwin and Adam Bushman. DeAngelo won won by just over 500 votes.

District 39: Republican incumbents John Rooney and Charlotte Vandervalk defeated Democrats Esther Fletcher and Carl Manna.