Style Blog Smells Fish at Barneys

In this week’s Observer, our very own Simon Doonan writes about how he was strongly encouraged by Barneys brass to lend the store’s holiday windows a “green” theme. But after style bloggers at Fashionista gave the street-facing displays the old once-over, they apparently became concerned about all the blinking lights, which, as they put it, “seem to suck energy the way we devour Skittles.”

“I don’t know the specifics on how much energy the windows use,” Julie Gilhart, fashion director at the store, told the blog at a Calvin Klein party last night. “But of course we use electricity, we use energy—but nobody can decide to go totally green overnight. It’s a process. We’re making a huge effort to be as green as possible, and to spread awareness to our community so they can start making adjustments, too. And we’re really proud and excited about that… isn’t the reindeer fun?”