The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Using local materials, architectural designer renovates his Bed-Stuy apartment.  [NY Times]

University of Michigan graduate finds a home in Stuyvesant Town, right near her sorority sisters.  [NY Times]

Developers pare down amenities in new condos.  [NY Times]

Coming to terms with the Upper East Side.  [NY Times] 

The history of 17th Street.  [NY Times] 

City real estate market is still going strong.  [NY Times] 

No more Dalton dorm.  [NY Times] 

City developers are psyched about the High Line.  [NY Post] 

Stein’s alleged killer’s father claims she was coerced.  [NY Post] 

Andre Balazs is cashing out.  [NYDN]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday