The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Building owners leaving government subsidy programs for "unique and peculiar" reasons can’t raise rents to market rates. [NY Times]

Ladies grab a hammer and join construction field. [NY Times]

A tale of immigration, bilingual children and pets in Brooklyn apartment. [NY Times]

Couple searchs for affordable apartment in City, then breaks up. Coincidence? [NY Times]

Exploring City’s mews and courtyards. [NY Times]

Final Maritime building’s fate to be determined. [NY Times]

Checking out developments and views in Brooklyn. [NY Times]

Madison Square Park triplex condo owner to get free butler. [NY Times]

Rich and famous buy in Beaux-Arts buildings. [NY Times]

East Village fights to preserve immigrant history. [NY Post]

Condo marketers go abroad. [NY Post]

What’s a yoga stick? Stein’s alleged murderer’s doubted confession. [NY Sun]

Columbia gets decision from planning commission today. [NY Sun]

City Council takes interest in private development. [NY Sun]

Open house thieves caught, and they’re women. [NY Sun]

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