The Couch: New Video from Fiery Furnaces

Brooklyn-based, brother-sister duo The Fiery Furnaces released their video for “Navy Nurse,” off their new album Widow City. They’re currently on tour and will return to New York for a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Dec. 8.

In a recent interview with Newsday, Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger, originally from a Chicago suburb, open up about future endeavors and describe tracks off Widow City:

Among the projects The Friedbergers are discussing (perhaps seriously, perhaps not) are a collection of arias from Matthew’s unreleased rock operas; an album with lyrics written mostly by fans; and a ballet based on Amerian Sign Language.

“We’d like music to be a career, but we can’t make decisions based on business,” Matthew said, as if appalled at the suggestion. “That’s still against the rules.”

Five Fiery great tracks

Matthew Friedberger denies that “Widow City” is a “singles collection,” but could he be wrong? Here are five album tracks that ought to be on modern rock radio right now:

“Philadelphia Grand Jury.” You can almost hear Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in this tragic mini-rock-opera: “Make sure that they notarize my will / Make sure mom don’t look at the news.”

“Duplexes of the Dead.” Eleanor Friedberger’s voice has never sounded so sultry than on this track, which veers between bluesy verses and a hard-driving hook.

“Ex-Guru.” Eleanor turns this chugging pop number into a love song and a hate song all at once: “She means nothing to me now / I tell myself that every day.”

“Navy Nurse.” A thudding, bottom-heavy rock track that Eleanor has cited as her favorite vocal performance.

“Restorative Beer.” Dramatic and swooning, this may be the album’s hidden hit. The chorus makes for an oddly catchy anthem: “I want a restorative beer / To take my mind off / these tears.”

The Couch: New Video from Fiery Furnaces